Total Coatings Removal

Total Coatings Removal

We are continually investing in our capability to manage a multitude of surface preparation situations. In some cases, your building’s exteriors may simply need a fresh start — back to its original substrate. With Harrison Contracting Company (HCC)’s total coatings removal, our trained technicians can help you achieve a sound starting point for your exterior surfaces. If your building has multiple coats of paint that create questionable repainting situations, we can help. There are a number of different methods for removing industrial coatings. Of the three main solutions available, chemical stripping is used most often. With that being said, the solution right for your project depends on the substrate, the coatings being removed and the surface preparation standard you’re hoping to achieve. The three main total coatings removal solutions used today are:


Water is a commonly used method for removing dirt, grime and other surface contaminants. In order to remove a properly bonded coating, higher PSIs are needed to make water a viable medium for removing an industrial coating. Pressures above 30,000 PSI are usually necessary for total coatings removal. High pressure water spray is a great solution for stripping away old paint exteriors. It is less expensive than other solutions under some circumstances and requires fewer containment measures. It also won’t disturb sensitive environments, making it ideal for the ecosystem.


Unlike water, abrasives are another very successful total coatings removal solution. Abrasives erode the surface for the purpose of removing the unwanted coating. With recent advances in micro-abrasives, this solution now limits the amount of damage to the substrate, making abrasives a viable, effective method for removing coatings even on less resilient exteriors. If this solution is used, it is very important to verify through testing that technicians are up to the task of removing the coating.

Chemical Stripping

Chemical stripping is another one of the most commonly used total coatings removal solutions. This solution will neither wash off a coating nor erode the substrate. Instead, chemicals react with the industrial coating and dissolve it from the surface. This is often the most successful method for removing a coating when adhesion is complicated.

The team at Harrison Contracting Company understands the safety and environmental concerns surrounding each one of the total coatings removal solutions. The right solution, if any, for your project will depend on the makeup of the substrate, the type and bond strength of the coating being removed and the surface preparation standard required by the project specifications. Let us help you with a specification designed around total coatings removal and repaint that will provide you with peace of mind. At HCC, we are more than just your painter, we are your partner!